Important Optimization Tips to Make People Visit URL

Optimizing your URL is one of the important things that you have to take note of when you are doing search engine optimization. URLs are basically the fingerprint of your website. It is a unique element that allows you to hold a unique place over the Internet. With just the URL, many will know of your website’s purpose, content, and even target market.

To make people visit URL, it is imperative to optimize it. You must make sure that it is visible not only to humans but to search engines as well.

Here are some important tips to take note of when you want to make sure that the URL is optimized properly.

1.Make sure that the URL is completely readable.That means that humans should be able to read the URL you allocated for your website. Note that if humans cannot read it, then neither can search engines. Search engines will never unscramble dynamically generated links. They will read the URLs word for word, the same way they read the content of your website.

2.Some people might think that underscores are better when it comes to separating words in the link.However, it is actually more helpful in SEO to use hyphens or dashes instead. After all, Google never reads underscores. Google has clearly set this as a rule. If you want to rank high in Google, then playing by Google’s rules is imperative.

SEO3.URLs are generally case sensitive.Search engines can get confused when there are capital letters on the URL so it is recommended to never use capital letters in it. People who visit URL might get confused as well. Moreover, the capital letters will just make the link more difficult to remember.

4.When you are saving content, make sure to put the top content within the root folder.It makes it easier to signal the top content if it is in the root folder, after all. Search engines consider the root folder as your top folder. Anything that is inside the root folder will be considered top content then.

5.Use URLs after you have specified in search engines your preferred web pages as well as preferred domain. These URLs are commonly known as the canonical URLs. There are dynamic pages on the Internet and there are cases when these pages create duplicate content. If you do not want to be penalized for something that accidentally happened, then use canonical URLs.

6.There’s an abundance of bad URLs on the Internet nowadays. Make sure you avoid them. That means you have to block the search engines from indexing problematic URLs, especially those with the same content. By doing so, you can avoiding getting penalized due to duplicate content. You can easily tell search engines to just ignore these bad URLs pointing to your canonical URL by using robot.txt.

7.People who visit URL do not only use their computers. There are cases when they access your website through their mobile phones. You must make sure to identify the mobile friendly web pages, especially in your site map, so that these pages can rank higher in mobile search results.

8.Do not hesitate to use a 301 redirect. The 301 redirect is actually a way for you to tell search engines about any changes to the URLs. Changing the URL means that you are removing a web page that search engines may have already indexed, after all. By adding 301 redirects, you can redirect search engines from the old URL to the new one. With this redirect, you can avoid losing your rankings while making changes.

9.Upload a favicon to your website. Favicon is basically that tiny icon right beside your URL in a browser. With the favicon, you can easily build your brand reputation as it stands out more in the browser bookmarks. It is also a way of building trust with your potential customers. Search engines also use favicon as a way to measure how credible one’s website is. It is definitely better to have a favicon.

10.Note that these target keywords should not only be used in the website’s content. The exact target keywords by which you want to be found through search engines must always be included in the URL.

These are just the basic things to remember when you want to optimize your links and thus have more people visit URL. By putting your effort into incorporating these tips into your URL optimization task, you can surely benefit a lot from it in the future including higher page rankings and higher conversion rate. Starting the URL optimization task as early as possible will make profits roll into your bank account in no time too. It should be worth all the effort you exerted for the task.