Common Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

blackhatseoSearch engine optimization (SEO) techniques have been embraced by plenty of websites on the World Wide Web and with good reason. SEO techniques help a website in so many ways in a very cost efficient that it is one of those things that is just incredibly hard to pass up.SEO tactics help increase a website’s visibility. It makes it easier for people to find using search engines. Furthermore, SEO tactics design a website to improve user experience. This establishes a certain sense of credibility and reliability, elements that internet users often look for in a website.

Like almost everything else on the planet, there are two ways for a website to do their own SEO operations. There is the right way and then there is the wrong way. Doing it the wrong way must be avoided at all costs since it can get a website booted off of the SERPs (search engine result pages). This more or less spells doom for a website as it slowly withers away from the internet.

It is important for websites to be aware of the common SEO mistakes if they want to avoid a mishap. Not knowing how mistakes can be made can be as dangerous as not knowing what to do. Below are common SEO techniques to avoid.

Link farming
Some websites like to gather links from sites that are unrelated or are of a low quality. Websites do this in the hopes that they will get better visibility in the SERPs. They gather as many links as they can to get a higher score. This sort of practice is a big no for search engine companies like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!. Link farming gives a façade or a pretense of being relevant and high quality because of all the links it has.
Instead, websites should gather links to websites that are relevant or high quality. It is also a good idea to ask for links from those kind of websites.

Spamming on social networks
Spamming a website on social networks usually does more harm than good. In the real world, this sort of practice is equivalent to those people who just randomly and forcefully handout fliers and talk about whatever it is they plan to sell a random passerby. It can be rude and annoying, two of the worst words people can use to describe any form of marketing.
It is okay to market on social media. However, it ought to be done in the right way. The best way to go about this is to look for people who have an interest in what the website can offer.

Redirecting users to another website
As far as sleazy tactics go, this has to be one of the most infuriating ones out there. This occurs when people visit a website only to have themselves redirected to another website. People who are unfamiliar with this sort of tactic will do the novice thing and try to press back or run the search again thinking they might have mistakenly clicked on the wrong link.
Websites need to create real landing pages rich in high quality content. Failing to do this and resorting to the above mentioned tactic, does a website no good at all.

Creating incoherent content stuffed with keywords
Creating incoherent content stuffed with keywords is a black Hat SEO technique that does more harm than good. In theory an SEO technique should establish the credibility of the website and thus earn the internet user’s trust.
Make no mistake; keywords are very important because they can help a website improve its quality and visibility. It makes it easier for people to find a website that uses the right keywords. However, stuffing content with keywords without making sure that the entire thing is coherent is useless. People will notice the empty ploy of stuffing the content with keywords and so will the search engines.