5 Ways To Break Your SEO and Ruin Your Brand Online


There are a lot of mistakes being made by brands, and internet websites. No matter how you slice it, there are things that you can do right in the world of marketing and there are things that are completely opposite of the best practices that will get you noticed on the web today. Often, times people talk about the things that work best, and that’s fine. But what about the things that you may be doing right now that is causing dips in your traffic? This may sound odd, but there are definitely people chasing the wrong thing when it comes to SEO and you could be following them like a lemming. To reverse this trend, consider the following 5 ways to break optimization standards. If you’re doing these things, you’re on your way out of the search engine results.

5 – Post Spun Content

Content marketing is not going to go away. It will just be more regulated by search engines. If you’re going this route and are deciding to get involved with spinning articles, good luck. The latest algorithm shifts from Google and others have basically considered this to be spam content. The more you do this, the more you’re going to go down in the rankings, and there’s no return here. The reason this is bad is because spun content is drivel, and doesn’t make sense to humans that are reading through it. Don’t go this route.

4 – Post Duplicate or PLR Articles Unchanged

Another thing that many companies continue to do is post updates that are duplicate in nature or PLR options. There is absolutely no better way to ruin your reputation online than to outright copy what others have written, or to even self plagiarize. If you’re doing this right now, you won’t find your viewership rising at all. In fact, the more this is done, the lower in all search queries you’ll fall and in the end, you’ll get bounced right off of search engines.

3 – Spam People In Social Media

If you want your domain name to by synonymous with spam, join any social network and start to private message people that you don’t know and just send them your site. This is absolutely bad, and could pose serious issues to your SEO in the long term. Once you get labeled as a spammer on these sites, your account could get shut down. Not only that, your domain name will go on a black list that will crush anything that you ever do online.

2 – Buy Backlinks in The Hundreds or Thousands

Have you heard that search engine optimization requires you to build backlinks? Well if you buy them in bulk, you can save money, and time. That money and time saved will translate into getting blacked out of all searches. In the latest algorithm updates, backlinks that come from overly spammed locales are no longer going to provide your domain name with anything positive. The more you buy, the harder the penalties are going to become.

1 – Buy Cheap Traffic

Another way that you can end up losing market share is to purchase traffic from just about any website online. You can definitely purchase traffic, gain hits, and boost your ego for a low price today. However, you will find that the hits you get are not only irregular, they will be coming from only 1 location. That translates into fewer conversions, no subscribers, and eventually, another wasted opportunity.

The aforementioned things that you can do break your optimization strategies are not meant to follow, but rather they are meant to shine light on what many marketing professionals are selling as “discounted” SEO services. Don’t fall for them, and make sure that you don’t make the mistakes mentioned above.