All the Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Invest in SEO

There was a time when it did not make sense for businesses to maintain a website because it was quite expensive, especially for small companies. As the years go by, smart small companies have joined the online trend. They began running blogs and websites. This was the start when other small companies saw the wave of successes that businesses with websites are getting. Suddenly, the cost of having a website has become cheaper.

SEO expertsHowever, business owners who developed websites have taken a nap, believing that was enough. SEO experts  believe otherwise – it is not enough to just run a website because customers need to find you and the only way to do that is to invest in SEO.

Before making a purchase, millions of people research online about the product first. Business owners who know about this are smart enough to start investing seriously in SEO, so their target customers can find them. If you are a start-up or small business and you are still weighing whether to do SEO or not, then this article is for you. This outlines the important reasons that your business should use SEO.

•SEO opens opportunities for your business

There are over 100 billion Google searches every month, and this will increase over time. These days, there is an increasing number of people who go online. Most people now have internet access on their laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

internetSome people use the internet to communicate, but others use it for business. However, regardless of what people do online, keep in mind that most people look for something on the web every day. It could be anything, but the important thing to take note of is that whenever users search online, search engines look for a way to show what they think are the best results that match the search. When they do, most online users do not go past the first page.

If your website is listed on the first page of search engine results, you will have more users visiting your website, which means more opportunities to convert a sale.

•SEO gets better leads

Generating leads is certainly an invariable factor that you need to consider when making sales. However, take note that the leads SEO generate are much better than the leads from conventional ways of advertising such as TV, radio, print ad, and billboards.

For example, people see a lot of ads on TV and hear even more over the radio about mobile phones. However, when they think of buying a mobile phone, their first move tends to be performing a Google search. Likewise, there are bigger chances that someone who searches for “best auto insurance in New York” and finds your business website would contact you instead of the number they see on a TV ad.

•SEO is more affordable

seoAdvertising is really important if you want your business to be ahead of the competition.

Advertising on TV, radio, and print can be really expensive. From the experience of SEO consultant, by investing a few hours a day doing SEO campaigns, you can already see positive results in about a week.

A team of professionals will put together a concrete plan and build a series of appealing content that will show potential customers that you really want to provide quality products and services that others cannot.

•The competition is ahead because of SEO

In most business ventures, in order for you to beat the competition, you need to know and do something that others still do not know or do. In other words, you need to be different from the rest. In fact, this may be the main reason why your business is behind the competition.

To confirm this, all you need to do is to do an online search of the product that you offer in your locality. It may come as a surprise to you seeing the websites of your competitors showing up on the first page of the search results. Then, you will keep wondering why they are on top of the game. Your competitors are ahead because they were smart to invest in SEO early on.

In the same light, do not let your competitors completely dominate the market, so invest in SEO as soon as you can.

Important Optimization Tips to Make People Visit URL

Optimizing your URL is one of the important things that you have to take note of when you are doing search engine optimization. URLs are basically the fingerprint of your website. It is a unique element that allows you to hold a unique place over the Internet. With just the URL, many will know of your website’s purpose, content, and even target market.

To make people visit URL, it is imperative to optimize it. You must make sure that it is visible not only to humans but to search engines as well.

Here are some important tips to take note of when you want to make sure that the URL is optimized properly.

1.Make sure that the URL is completely readable.That means that humans should be able to read the URL you allocated for your website. Note that if humans cannot read it, then neither can search engines. Search engines will never unscramble dynamically generated links. They will read the URLs word for word, the same way they read the content of your website.

2.Some people might think that underscores are better when it comes to separating words in the link.However, it is actually more helpful in SEO to use hyphens or dashes instead. After all, Google never reads underscores. Google has clearly set this as a rule. If you want to rank high in Google, then playing by Google’s rules is imperative.

SEO3.URLs are generally case sensitive.Search engines can get confused when there are capital letters on the URL so it is recommended to never use capital letters in it. People who visit URL might get confused as well. Moreover, the capital letters will just make the link more difficult to remember.

4.When you are saving content, make sure to put the top content within the root folder.It makes it easier to signal the top content if it is in the root folder, after all. Search engines consider the root folder as your top folder. Anything that is inside the root folder will be considered top content then.

5.Use URLs after you have specified in search engines your preferred web pages as well as preferred domain. These URLs are commonly known as the canonical URLs. There are dynamic pages on the Internet and there are cases when these pages create duplicate content. If you do not want to be penalized for something that accidentally happened, then use canonical URLs.

6.There’s an abundance of bad URLs on the Internet nowadays. Make sure you avoid them. That means you have to block the search engines from indexing problematic URLs, especially those with the same content. By doing so, you can avoiding getting penalized due to duplicate content. You can easily tell search engines to just ignore these bad URLs pointing to your canonical URL by using robot.txt.

7.People who visit URL do not only use their computers. There are cases when they access your website through their mobile phones. You must make sure to identify the mobile friendly web pages, especially in your site map, so that these pages can rank higher in mobile search results.

8.Do not hesitate to use a 301 redirect. The 301 redirect is actually a way for you to tell search engines about any changes to the URLs. Changing the URL means that you are removing a web page that search engines may have already indexed, after all. By adding 301 redirects, you can redirect search engines from the old URL to the new one. With this redirect, you can avoid losing your rankings while making changes.

9.Upload a favicon to your website. Favicon is basically that tiny icon right beside your URL in a browser. With the favicon, you can easily build your brand reputation as it stands out more in the browser bookmarks. It is also a way of building trust with your potential customers. Search engines also use favicon as a way to measure how credible one’s website is. It is definitely better to have a favicon.

10.Note that these target keywords should not only be used in the website’s content. The exact target keywords by which you want to be found through search engines must always be included in the URL.

These are just the basic things to remember when you want to optimize your links and thus have more people visit URL. By putting your effort into incorporating these tips into your URL optimization task, you can surely benefit a lot from it in the future including higher page rankings and higher conversion rate. Starting the URL optimization task as early as possible will make profits roll into your bank account in no time too. It should be worth all the effort you exerted for the task.

5 Ways To Break Your SEO and Ruin Your Brand Online


There are a lot of mistakes being made by brands, and internet websites. No matter how you slice it, there are things that you can do right in the world of marketing and there are things that are completely opposite of the best practices that will get you noticed on the web today. Often, times people talk about the things that work best, and that’s fine. But what about the things that you may be doing right now that is causing dips in your traffic? This may sound odd, but there are definitely people chasing the wrong thing when it comes to SEO and you could be following them like a lemming. To reverse this trend, consider the following 5 ways to break optimization standards. If you’re doing these things, you’re on your way out of the search engine results.

5 – Post Spun Content

Content marketing is not going to go away. It will just be more regulated by search engines. If you’re going this route and are deciding to get involved with spinning articles, good luck. The latest algorithm shifts from Google and others have basically considered this to be spam content. The more you do this, the more you’re going to go down in the rankings, and there’s no return here. The reason this is bad is because spun content is drivel, and doesn’t make sense to humans that are reading through it. Don’t go this route.

4 – Post Duplicate or PLR Articles Unchanged

Another thing that many companies continue to do is post updates that are duplicate in nature or PLR options. There is absolutely no better way to ruin your reputation online than to outright copy what others have written, or to even self plagiarize. If you’re doing this right now, you won’t find your viewership rising at all. In fact, the more this is done, the lower in all search queries you’ll fall and in the end, you’ll get bounced right off of search engines.

3 – Spam People In Social Media

If you want your domain name to by synonymous with spam, join any social network and start to private message people that you don’t know and just send them your site. This is absolutely bad, and could pose serious issues to your SEO in the long term. Once you get labeled as a spammer on these sites, your account could get shut down. Not only that, your domain name will go on a black list that will crush anything that you ever do online.

2 – Buy Backlinks in The Hundreds or Thousands

Have you heard that search engine optimization requires you to build backlinks? Well if you buy them in bulk, you can save money, and time. That money and time saved will translate into getting blacked out of all searches. In the latest algorithm updates, backlinks that come from overly spammed locales are no longer going to provide your domain name with anything positive. The more you buy, the harder the penalties are going to become.

1 – Buy Cheap Traffic

Another way that you can end up losing market share is to purchase traffic from just about any website online. You can definitely purchase traffic, gain hits, and boost your ego for a low price today. However, you will find that the hits you get are not only irregular, they will be coming from only 1 location. That translates into fewer conversions, no subscribers, and eventually, another wasted opportunity.

The aforementioned things that you can do break your optimization strategies are not meant to follow, but rather they are meant to shine light on what many marketing professionals are selling as “discounted” SEO services. Don’t fall for them, and make sure that you don’t make the mistakes mentioned above.

Common Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

blackhatseoSearch engine optimization (SEO) techniques have been embraced by plenty of websites on the World Wide Web and with good reason. SEO techniques help a website in so many ways in a very cost efficient that it is one of those things that is just incredibly hard to pass up.SEO tactics help increase a website’s visibility. It makes it easier for people to find using search engines. Furthermore, SEO tactics design a website to improve user experience. This establishes a certain sense of credibility and reliability, elements that internet users often look for in a website.

Like almost everything else on the planet, there are two ways for a website to do their own SEO operations. There is the right way and then there is the wrong way. Doing it the wrong way must be avoided at all costs since it can get a website booted off of the SERPs (search engine result pages). This more or less spells doom for a website as it slowly withers away from the internet.

It is important for websites to be aware of the common SEO mistakes if they want to avoid a mishap. Not knowing how mistakes can be made can be as dangerous as not knowing what to do. Below are common SEO techniques to avoid.

Link farming
Some websites like to gather links from sites that are unrelated or are of a low quality. Websites do this in the hopes that they will get better visibility in the SERPs. They gather as many links as they can to get a higher score. This sort of practice is a big no for search engine companies like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!. Link farming gives a façade or a pretense of being relevant and high quality because of all the links it has.
Instead, websites should gather links to websites that are relevant or high quality. It is also a good idea to ask for links from those kind of websites.

Spamming on social networks
Spamming a website on social networks usually does more harm than good. In the real world, this sort of practice is equivalent to those people who just randomly and forcefully handout fliers and talk about whatever it is they plan to sell a random passerby. It can be rude and annoying, two of the worst words people can use to describe any form of marketing.
It is okay to market on social media. However, it ought to be done in the right way. The best way to go about this is to look for people who have an interest in what the website can offer.

Redirecting users to another website
As far as sleazy tactics go, this has to be one of the most infuriating ones out there. This occurs when people visit a website only to have themselves redirected to another website. People who are unfamiliar with this sort of tactic will do the novice thing and try to press back or run the search again thinking they might have mistakenly clicked on the wrong link.
Websites need to create real landing pages rich in high quality content. Failing to do this and resorting to the above mentioned tactic, does a website no good at all.

Creating incoherent content stuffed with keywords
Creating incoherent content stuffed with keywords is a black Hat SEO technique that does more harm than good. In theory an SEO technique should establish the credibility of the website and thus earn the internet user’s trust.
Make no mistake; keywords are very important because they can help a website improve its quality and visibility. It makes it easier for people to find a website that uses the right keywords. However, stuffing content with keywords without making sure that the entire thing is coherent is useless. People will notice the empty ploy of stuffing the content with keywords and so will the search engines.